Establishing Elegant Tactics For Online Fashion

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Turnout, though, was on course for a record low, a sign of voter fatigue after seven months of campaigning and voting - and also of disillusionment and anger with politics that could eventually complicate Macron's reform drive. Interior Ministry data showed turnout reached 17.75 percent by 1200 (1000 GMT), its lowest ever at that time of day for a second round of parliamentary elections since at least 1997. "People know it's already a done deal," Alex Mpoy, a 38-year-old security guard told Reuters TV, echoing the apathy of many voters who intend to abstain. Macron cast his vote early in the morning in the seaside resort of Le Touquet before flying to a ceremony outside Paris to mark the anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's 1940 appeal for French resistance to Nazi Germany's occupation. Polls show Macron is on course to win the biggest parliamentary majority since de Gaulle's own conservatives in 1968. Many of Macron's lawmakers will be political novices, something which will change the face of parliament at the expense of the conservative and socialist parties that have ruled France for decades. One of the challenges for Macron will be to keep such a diverse and politically raw group of lawmakers united behind him, as he sets out to overhaul labor rules, cut tens of thousands of public-sector jobs and invest billions in areas like job training and renewable energy. "There has never been such a paradox between a high concentration of power and strong tensions and expectations in terms of changes," Laurent Berger, head of France's CFDT union, told the weekly Journal du Dimanche. "There is no place for euphoria in victory. There is no providential man, no miracle solution".

Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint Bengaluru: Flipkart-owned online fashion retailer Myntra plans to increase spending on technology, buy more brands and hold more full-price sale events to reduce dependence on discounts for attracting customers. Myntra is also on track to grow sales by about 40-50% in this financial year, chief executive Ananth Narayanan said in an interview. After Flipkart received as much as $1.4 billion in fresh capital in April , it increased its fund allocation toward Myntra. “Instead of increasing spending only on marketing and discounts, we have decided to invest more in technology and brands. These will help us build moats and improve the bottom line,” Narayanan said. Myntra had launched its Brand Accelerator programme last December. It bought a majority stake in HRX, a clothing and shoes brand launched by actor Hrithik Roshan, from Exceed Entertainment last August. The company will do “many such deals” this year, Narayanan said. Its private brands, which include Roadster, Dressberry and Anouk, will contribute about 30% of overall revenues by the end of the year from 23-24%, he said. “We want to cap the contribution of private labels to a third of our overall business. We want to keep our identity as a multi-brand retailer and not turn into a private label business”, says Narayanan.

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